Visual Dimension bvba is a Belgian company active in digital heritage and architecture.  In digital heritage, it specialises in virtual reconstruction of historical sites and landscapes, and in digitisation and digital restoration of museum objects.  The company was founded in 2003 by ir. Daniel Pletinckx and ir. arch. Veerle Delange.  Daniel Pletinckx has international experience in digital heritage since 1997.  He started his career in digital heritage by making the specifications of the TimeFrame system on the archaeological site of Ename, Belgium.


Ename and its archaeological site at the river Scheldt (photograph: Daniel Pletinckx)

This blog shows and documents the ongoing virtual reconstruction process of the trade settlement of Ename around the year 1000, that is being created by Visual Dimension.  This trade settlement is well known by 30 years of excavations since 1942 and many years of extensive historical research.  Although the excavated remains are preserved in the archaeological park of Ename, very little can be seen today from this period.  So 3D virtual reconstruction is the method by preference to make this research visible and enjoyable.

Ename 1020

Virtual reconstruction of Ename in 1020 (image: Visual Dimension bvba)


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