This blog is about the history of Ename around the year 1000. Ename is today a village in the Flemish part of Belgium, but shortly before the year 1000, it transformed in a short time from a rural domain into an important trade settlement and military stronghold. But this early city did not live long, from 1063 onwards it turned into a Benedictine abbey.

Ename today

Ename today (archaeological park, heritage centre, village and the wood in the background)

Today, it is a major heritage project project in Flanders, realised by the Province of East-Flanders. For the exhibition The legacy of Charlemagne in the new Heritage Centre of Ename, we realised the virtual reconstruction of Ename in the year 1020.

Ename 1020

Virtual reconstruction of Ename in 1020

To have an idea what this blog will bring, please have a look at the video of a Frisian ship entering the harbour of Ename in 1020.


Frisian ship entering Ename in 1020